Moving Abroad – Co-Founder Matt’s Story

In 2012 when I was on holiday on the Greek island of Crete with my friends, I met a Norwegian girl called Silje, who would become my girlfriend. In the months that followed, I spent more and more time travelling to see her in Norway, as well as travelling to and from airports when she visited me at my home in England. To start with this was lots of fun, but as time went on and the visits became more and more frequent, the travelling became tiring, and it soon became clear that one of us would have to make the big leap and move to the other’s country!

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How many words do I need to learn in a language?

When learning a language a very common thing to ask, especially by people who are particularly keen to learn a language quickly, is how many words do I need to learn in order to become conversationally fluent in that language.

There is great news here! It turns out that the number of words that you actually need to learn and understand is actually very few when compared to the total number of words in a language.

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